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The problem with ant infestations is that the problem isn’t just one or two ants here and there. As ants are a social insect, they live in colonies. As a result, your infestation could consist of hundreds. Simply using a DIY ant spray will only kill a few at best. Here at Pest Assured, our ant control treatment plans include killing the entire colony, and helping to prevent any future infestations.

Types of Ants:

There are approximately 15,000 any species around the world. Here in Australia, there are over 1,300 known species. Thanks to our warm and sunny climate, ants have a perfect environment to thrive in. Some of the most common and recognisable species when dealing with ant control in Australia are:

  • Agentine ants
  • Whitefooted house ant
  • Garden ant
  • Black house ant
  • Bulldog or bull ants
  • Pavement ant

Ants will travel in in a wide range searching for food, and once they have entered your home they can be a menacing nuisance to deal with. There are a number of small measures that any home can take to help keep these critters away.

  • Always store food in lidded containers
  • Clean any utensils and dishes immediately after use
  • Keep your garbage bin sealed and throw out regularly
  • Wipe down areas regularly to keep free of food and juice spillage

When to call Pest Assured:

If your infestation is a larger problem than you first expected, and those handmade products have been unable to resolve the issue, you can rest assured that Pest Assured’s ant control technicians will be able to help. Our highly trained and friendly staff offers a number of methods that are designed specifically for the species that have infested your home. The ant control methods that Pest assured use may consist of a number of measures but not limited to liquid sprays, insecticide dusting or gel baiting.

We have a proven track record of solving ant problems in a quick and easy way, and more importantly, all of our ant control methods are safe for your family. Every infestation is different therefore careful inspection and detailed analysis of the situation is needed.

Call Pest Assured today on 0423 665 678 to talk with our staff about ant control.

ant control
Ants feeding on gel bait