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The Bed bugs presence alone creates fear and jitters of people sharing rooms with the un-welcomed guests. Travelers, guests, and new tenants fall victims to these parasites leaving a string of bites on the body. Especially in the summer months the bed bug exterminator has numerous calls for help.

Adult bed bugs are a deep-red/brownish colour. On an empty stomach the bugs are usually 5mm. When bed bugs are completely blood enflamed they will be nearly 10mm. In addition people can sleep in the night and wake up with serious allergic skin reactions. Pest Assured is your local bed bug exterminator.

Bed bug exterminator
Bed bug life cycle

Most of all bed mattress and frame will be the two locations spotted first. While a number of pest control companies limit their inspection to these two areas. Therefore professional bed bug exterminators inspect the bedside table, hanging picture frames, around power outlets, curtains, skirting boards, and other fixtures in the room.

Looking for critters like a bed bug exterminator.

  • Evidence of live, dead, or shells of bed bugs
  • The faeces of bed bugs left around the mattress seams is especially relevant, bed sheets and bed frames. The faeces are 2-4mm black dotting. Similar to spot marks left from a black pen. The blood meal of the insect is the faecal spotting.
  • The laying of eggs in dark hidden cracks close to the bed.

Pest manager and client communication is constant. Their key objective is to help assist the bed bug exterminator. Consequently preparing the room is key for the best results without spreading bugs around and delaying the process.

Treatment preparation includes;

  • First of all clean floor surfaces
  • Strip all Mattresses of sheets, blankets and dooners. Also make sure you wash them in hot water.
  • Lounge chairs to have no pillows on them and are clean in between cushions.
  • Do not move furniture around.
  • Bags shoes and boxes rather than leaving them on the ground. Another step includes moving these items in garbage bags and storing them in the sun.

The pest assured approach to bed bugs

  • Inspection of the infected rooms is the first steps to eliminate bed bugs.
  • The bed bug exterminator communicates the message to the client on hiding areas.
  • The pest control technician will then explain how the chemical works and vacation periods. Following this the bed bug exterminator will discuss procedures to follow after to eliminate the bugs.
bed bug exterminator severe infestation
Severe Infestation of bed bugs

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