Bird Control

Who needs bird control?

There are some species of birds that can be extremely frustrating to deal with. They can not only be a nuisance to residential homes, but to businesses as well. This is particularly the case for businesses that have loading bays. As a result, Pest Assured specialise in bird control for both residential and commercial properties. The four main problematic birds which are considered pests in NSW are; Pigeons, Sparrows, Starlings and India myna’s.

Importance of bird control

Over the years, a range of bird species have thrived in the urban environment. These include the myna and the well known feral pigeon. In addition to being scavengers, birds carry bird lice that lead to skin irritations and have a potentially nasty bite.

Posing an even greater danger to families is that birds are known to carry various types of illnesses and diseases that can cause issues with leaving bird droppings everywhere they go. This can be an issue because bird droppings contain bacteria and pathogenic fungi that have the potential to cause serious illnesses such as salmonella. In addition, bird droppings also pose a tripping hazard and the droppings carry a highly corrosive chemical that can strip the paint off walls. Therefore, it is extremely important that you contact a professional at the first sign of a bird problem.

Some of the things that you can do to avoid a bird problem are:

  • Make sure no food is left out in areas where birds can access (eg. pet food)
  • Rubbish bins are sealed and closed correctly.
  • Eliminating edges and areas where birds can roost.
  • Place chilli, pepper or cinnamon spices around ledges.
  • Removing water sources for birds

Bird control methods supplied from Pest Assured

  • Bird Spikes – used for larger birds, but not when birds are nesting in areas
  • Netting – will eliminate the presence of all bird species even when nesting. Netting can get very expensive.
  • Energised systems – shock tape powered by electricity. Commonly used on the perimeter of ledges.
  • Scarring devices (visual and audible) applied for light infestations where birds do not feed or nest.

How Pest Assured can help

When it comes to bird control, Pest Assured offer a thorough inspection of the property before starting any treatment. From there, we will advise you of the available options that are best suited to you and your needs. You can also rest assured that all of our methods are cost effective and humane.

Call Pest Assured today on 0423 665 678 for an obligation free quote.

Bird spikes installed to stop pigeons roosting