Bug Control

Bug Control

At Pest Assured no job is too big or too small. Any sort of pest or bug you may have lurking around your residence or business we will make sure it is your last. All of our methods deal with bug control effectively and with minimal disruptions to your daily life.

Common Bug Problems

One of the most common bugs that Pest Assured help treat are that of bed bugs. Controlling bed bugs can be an arduous task for those not trained in bug control. Many over the counter sprays and treatments are short term and will not effectively manage the problem. Our technicians are fully trained in helping treat and kill the bed bugs, and then assisting you with maintaining and preventing further infestations.

Another common bug that Pest Assured deal with, especially with families, are wasps and bees. Bee’s nests are generally quite large, whilst wasp nests can be small and difficult to locate. Both bees and wasps are very territorial and always defend their areas, homes or nests. This can pose a danger with children and individuals being put at danger with allergic reactions from toxins. Bee and wasp stings can be extremely painful, and it is important to have the right bug control mechanisms in place to ensure the risk to your family of being stung is minimised.

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We are specialists in developing state of the art methods and affordable solutions. Our staff will provide you with a thorough inspection and will run through each and every option with you. Contact Pest Assured today for all of your bug control needs. Whether you are renting, own your home, running a business or part of strata call Pest Assured for a free quote to see how we can help you with your bug control.