Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

One of Australia’s most common home invaders aren’t burglars, that title belongs to cockroaches. Treating cockroaches, and preventing them from returning, is no easy task. Thankfully, cockroach control is one of Pest Assureds specialties.

Signs of a cockroach infestation

Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. There are some very important signs to keep an eye out for if you believe you have a cockroach problem.

  • First and foremost is the physical seeing of a cockroach. Due to these little critters being nocturnal, most of the time that you see them will be at night. You will generally see them scatter from a room/area when you have just entered and turned on the lights. If you are seeing them during the day, then this is a sign that the infestation is at its peak and action should be taken immediately. Contact your local pest controller for a cockroach control treatment plan.
  • Visibility of cockroach feces is another thing that you should keep an eye out for if you think you may have an infestation. As cockroaches eat basically everything that we keep in our homes, they will be leaving a large amount of cockroach droppings around the home. Some areas that you may want to check are dark areas (behind stoves, pantries, behind the refrigerator and underneath the sink).
  • It is likely that if you have killed a cockroach, there are plenty more where they came from. Cockroaches are highly aggressive breeders. This is why it is very important that if you believe you have an infestation, cockroach control should be of the highest priority. Again, you can search for signs of egg casings in pantries, behind furniture, and other dark areas.
  • Finally, cockroaches can produce a pungent odour. This can be one of the harder signs to spot as you may not be aware that that oily smelling you are smelling is that of a cockroach infestation. However, this mixed with some of the above signs are some of the best indicators of a cockroach infestation.

Getting rid of cockroaches for good

There are some DIY products that can be used to help kill cockroaches but the best form of cockroach control is that of a pest controller. If you have any of the signs above or are concerned that you may have your very own cockroach colony residing in your home, contact Pest Assured today. We have a 100% success rate when dealing in cockroach control and are just a phone call away.

Pest Assureds top tips for helping prevent cockroach infestations

  • Take out rubbish on a daily basis
  • For those with pets, clean out food bowls after feeding time
  • Wipe down benches every night before bed
  • Keep food items sealed and stored away
  • Regularly check areas of possible infestations

Pest Assured is constantly servicing the inner city suburbs, eastern suburbs and  inner west regions.

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