cockroach spray

Cockroach Spray

Cockroach control involves treating what you can’t see as well as what you can. There are often many cockroaches that are invisible between walls and in roof voids, and subfloor. One of Australia’s most common home invaders aren’t burglars, that title belongs to cockroaches. Treating cockroaches, and preventing them from returning, is no easy task. Thankfully, Pest Assured are your go-to cockroach killer technicians and are just a phone call away. We use only the best of treatments and cockroach sprays to rid your home of these nasty invaders.

Getting rid of cockroaches for good

There are some DIY products that can be used to help kill cockroaches but the best form of cockroach control is that of a pest controller. Many of the over the counter cockroach sprays and bombs are not effective or long-term solutions. Using a store bought cockroach spray may kill the one or two cockroaches that you see throughout the night, but if you have one then you may have your very own cockroach colony residing in your home. We have a 100% success rate when dealing in cockroach control and are just a phone call away.

Completely eliminating cockroaches is a lot more complex than just use a cockroach spray on the adult bugs with an aerosol can. Spray cans have very little effect and will definitely not eradicate the congregation of roaches hiding in your building. Therefore effective long lasting residual products are necessary in colony elimination. Understanding the life cycle and habits of cockroaches will definitely give yourself a better chances to kill cockroaches. Furthermore save yourself the hassle by contacting a professional on controlling cockroaches first time around.

Doing it the Pest Assured Way

Some of our cockroach killer methods include:

  • A detailed inspection to assess the extent of the problem, conducting species identification and advise you of the extent of the situation.

  • We recommend a treatment plan based on our technicians expert understanding of the species and the best way to treat them. This includes non-chemical advice.

  • We carry out the recommended treatment. More often than not, our Director, Conrad Paris, is hands-on in all pest management issues.

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