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If cockroaches are running through your restaurants kitchen be sure to know your pest manager. It is important not to just select any exterminator from your local advertisements who does not hold a valid license or insurance. Pest Assured provides qualified and trained technicians who follow strict label directions. The risk in not selecting an exterminator from Pest Assured will probably cause food contamination.

There have been many situations where pest managers do not follow food industry standards, resulting in the industry receiving a  bad reputation. Consequently business will suffer due to the carelessness of incompetent pest controllers. The team at Pest Assured is aware of correct food standards. As a result, the company follows requirements set out in the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991).

The Pest controller will identify hazards. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) outlines the food manufacturing standards. The food business holds responsibility for regularly reviewing and monitoring the program. A qualified food and safety inspector is responsible for the audits. The relationship between the food business and pest exterminator is crucial, as both members need to work in harmony. Pest Assured always requests information to the food business on identifying any chemical risks.

Commercial food clients are responsible for inducting all contractors on safety. The Pest manager and client both have a duty to follow all OH&S standards. Pest Assured insures all their staff is hygienic and clean in all operations. The exterminator must not be at work when sick, carrying diseases or suffering from contagious diseases. A number of rules are enforced resulting in a reduced risk of contamination.

Good Food business practice examples are

  • Areas for smoking
  • Hand washing procedures
  • Designated areas where staff cannot eat or drink
  • Specific clothing, hairnets and footwear

Security procedures are Pest Assureds high priority. The Food or manufacturing business usually outlines all details in the induction process. All insurance and licensing documentation is copied and referenced for the client and pest exterminator. Pest Assured is very professional as neat and tidy clothing is always worn. Our pest controllers are also responsible for work practices and environmental procedures and various other safety acts.

Pest Assured details to the client

  • Chemical preparation
  • Chemical spill procedures
  • Correct disposal of empty bottles at an appropriate site
  • Potential site risks
  • Recording information on treatment procedures and always engaging in continual feedback.
  • Meeting will depend on infestation levels, client’s needs, or the pest exterminator’s recommendation.

Designing a pest program with Pest Assured

Designing a pest program is based upon the results required by the client. Pest Assured will emphasise this upon the first inspection of the premises. The program will be very direct rather than responsive. Service intervals will vary and be influenced by site conditions, season of year, location and environment. The initial site inspection is very important as this is when everything is sighted and documented. The inspection will report on details of activity and further possible pest evidence. Areas in which Pest Assured inspect include; process areas, storage areas, roof voids, subfloor voids, service rooms, administration rooms, building exteriors and fence lines.

Furthermore the exterminator from Pest Assured will be responsible for the program, communication with client and reporting on works carried out. Scope of works shall include; pests covered, frequency of service, areas, methods of treatment, pest monitoring plan, and schedule of conditions.

Reports will include (varying on sites)

  • Clients name
  • Site address
  • Date
  • Technician/Exterminators name
  • Pest activity
  • Chemicals used, active constituents and batch numbers
  • Site map
  • Photos
  • Any other regulations required by client or Pest manager.

Inspections and continual monitoring are very important in successful treatment of large-scale commercial sites. As a result Pest Assured will monitor data from sticky glue boards, insect droppings, bait consumption and photos we take at the site. Consequently these examining techniques are vital in the long-term control of pests. The use of bait, inspections, glue traps, feedback, stored items are all equally important. Therefore if the exterminator is only carrying out one part of his duty then the pest program will not succeed. Pest Assured always use leading technology to create reporting on site with which we will provide to the client.

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