Modern day pest control methods are usually confused with outdated fumigation terms. Fumigation techniques are getting less popular by the day. Fumigation involves using a poisonous gas to eliminate pests in an enclosed space. The enclosed space is usually barricaded off with a tent structure. Methyl bromide is used as a vapour gas in space and soil fumigation. The use of vapour gases is very poisonous and many commercial sites are not interested in this procedure. The use of gaseous fumigation methods is definitely not required in residential situations because of the dangers it brings. Pest Assured has never encountered a situation where poisonous gases are needed to eradicate pest infestations indoors. In addition water based pesticides are a lot safer without leaving any odours, stains or fumes. Finally all products used by Pest Assured are registered by the APVMA and all Safety Document Sheets (SDS) are available upon request.

Problems with fumigation gas

The biggest disadvantage with fumigation gasses is the poisonous element in harming all living organisms. Pest Assured does not use or recommend heavy gases to be applied in your residence. Therefore selecting water based pesticides (synthetic pyrethroids) are a lot safer and less damaging to the environment. Water based products do not produce harmful fumes. In addition another major problem with using gases are vacation periods. Harmful gases will remain in the air for at least 48 hours. Therefore the pest manager will recommend you relocate to temporary accommodation for a minimum of two to three days. The fumigation period as explained can be very inconvenient for many people. Fumigation gases also have the potential to harm plants and vegetation around your property. When harmful gases are not misted correctly they can cause permanent roof damage.

Disadvantages of harmful fumigation gas methods

  • Fumigants gases are very toxic
  • Space gases can only be treated in enclosed areas and specific situations
  • Long vacation periods until the job is complete. Exact relocation times cannot always be determined
  • Items that can be damaged or affected by gases need to be removed from infected areas.
  • Fumigant gasses procedures are several times more expensive than other pest control methods.
  • Very inconvenient for tenants of property.
  • No residual strength in gases.

Advantages of using Pest Assured

  • Safety is our first concern
  • Pest Assured only uses registered water-based chemicals that are very effective and a lot less harmful to humans and the environment.
  • Chemicals are explained from their active constituents to their use.
  • Only strict label directions and regulations are followed to keep the highest industry standard.
  • All the methods and procedures of eliminating specific pests are explained