Importance of pest control

Importance of Pest control

The importance of pest control is a necessity in todays living. Residential pest control makes up for the largest market of any pest control business. Consequently, residential pest management controls and eliminate pests. Some of the most common pests that pest controllers aim to eliminate are that of fleas, cockroaches, beetles and ants. Cockroaches top the list of nuisances pests. Cracks and crevices harbour cockroaches, especially in the kitchen.

Cockroach infestations can start in any number of ways (through electrical goods, brought in to the house from food items purchased in supermarkets, and via piping in the home). They can transmit any number of diseases once they have entered your home as they can inhabit pantries and leave faeces all throughout the home, illustrating the importance of Pest control. Eradicating these pests is a top priority among many households’ particularly new homeowners and families.

Why choose Pest Assured?

Pest Assured has successfully eliminated cockroach infestations throughout Sydney. Of the many cockroach species found in Australia, German Cockroaches are the worst to infest a home and the most common infestation Pest Assured has come across. When technicians from our skilled team service the public there is a common factor that german cockroaches will be living in kitchens and stored food cabinets. Grocery shopping is the main contributor for the transport of insects. Pest Assured has a proven track record when assisting households to not only exterminate these pests, but maintaining a cockroach free home. The importance of Pest control is to eliminate the issue before they take over your house.

All of the staff at Pest Assured are knowledgeable in environmental safety and implementing successful pest control programs. Nobody wants to see a pest infestation half treated. If you seek Pest assureds assistance you will receive a highly trained and organised technician. Whether a homeowner or renter is looking for interior pest control solutions for cockroaches or something to eliminate rats from the backyard, Pest Assured has a many number of methods to treat your problem. Pest Assured offer highly customized plans based on the area, home and the specific pest problem. There is a missconception with some community members doubting the purpose of pest control. Aerosol cans are not an effective control measure. We use 100% environmentally friendly materials that work, and have innovative, cost effective pest control techniques for your property.

The Pest Assured Guarantee

It can be a hard task finding a Pest Controller to hire as there are so many out there to choose from. The search is over, Pest Assured will put your mind at ease. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The next time you question the importance of pest control just read any one of these customer testimonials below:

“Amazing. As a first-time mum was very worried about exposing bub to harsh chemicals. The technician took the time to explain each chemical and put my mind at ease. I never go out of my way to write reviews but was so impressed with the service. Polite, friendly and competitive pricing, definitely recommend.” – Sally Fletcher

“Amazing service and I highly recommend. I had a problem with spiders and rodents in the house, which got out of control. The service was fantastic, the pest man was on time and he gave me a great insight on how to reduce the chances of further infestation. The prices were very reasonable, he threw in a few extras, funny character, and most importantly the pests are gone!” – Jason Owen

Furthermore, we value the importance of pest control.  Contact Pest Assured today 0423 66 5678