Industrial pest control

Pest Assured is responsible for managing pests in a number of industrial sites. Industrial pest control for sites in Botany and Alexandria are a necessity. Large open areas with machinery and construction equipment are perfect hiding and breeding conditions for a wide range of pests. Common problems industrial sites have are rodents running around in large numbers because of large scale sites and a lot of entry points. Therefore for a small maintenance fee to control rats its quite obvious that industrial pest control is an easy solution.

Common pest problems at industrial sites

Industrial pest control for rats and mice can be a challenging task for some pest control companies. Industrial locations that have waste, recycling and animal food sources will always have issues. A common example of this is rats and mice. The issue is where rats are happily satisfied on feeding on animal food and scraps and have no desire to eat rat poisons. Consequently a rat-baiting program will not eliminate the rodents nor solve the problem. However other control methods must be employed some of which include; trapping techniques, changes to environment, and building modifications. Regular inspections are always strongly recommended. Further more Pest Assured has been involved in number of rodent programs to eliminate the small fury creatures from industrial sites in Alexandria.

Cockroaches, fleas, ants and birds are just examples of other major pests interfering and causing damage to businesses. Crawling pests seek warm humid conditions with dark areas. Monitoring all items in a warehouse is a difficult task. Therefore the importance of industrial pest control is mandatory to keep business reputation. It’s usually not a hard choice for corporations to hire Industrial pest control to manage and maintain unwanted pests. As a result reputation and sanitation standards should be a company’s highest priority.

Bird issues

Birds are another constant problem in large warehouses and industrial sites. Birds seek high areas as they feel protected and monitor lower proceedings. These high areas are where birds feel safe and protected from the elements and predator species. There is a wide range of control methods to treat birds. However this all depends on the situation, species and surrounding environments. Finally the most common problem in large Industrial sites is pigeons and their damaging droppings they leave.

Examples of pest problems at industrial sites