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Some pests in the home can be treated with products purchased from your local supermarket. Sometimes though, you might have a pest problem that is just too difficult to manage yourself. For these jobs, a professional pest control operator who is fully trained in insect control should be called. Enter Pest Assured. Pest assured have been effectively treating insect problems in Australia since 2008. All of our technicians are fully trained in insect control so that we can help you with any pest problem.

Pest Assured has picked up numerous commercial clients due to the incompetence of other pest control companies. Other so called insect control experts have a time frame call out and in doing so rush the job. Our team will never rush a job as we are results and serviced based. Pest Assureds first action is to communicate with the client to understand the change in the environment that has caused the infestation. Whether the issue is cockroaches, fleas or a possum running in the roof.

Why use a pest control company that just sprays chemicals? Select Pest Assured for a detailed analysis of the situation, non-chemical techniques and advice, and the correct treatment procedures (click here for codes of practice). On doing so the client will notice the improvements dramatically on-site and in the treatment reports. For a logical fee to upkeep the standard required of keeping bugs away from your business or home is the sensible choice. Insect control can be a daunting process, leave it to the experts.

Types of insects we can help you treat:

  • Flies: These pests tend to harass more during the summer period. Prevention is definitely better than a cure when it comes to these insects and Pest Assured will help keep your home fly-free all year around.
  • Cockroaches: Some people believe just leaving store bought “bombs” around the home will keep these critters away. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Not only can Pest Assured help you exterminate any cockroach infestations that you have, we will help you prevent any further infestations from occurring.
  • Mosquitos: The mosquito is one of the most common insects that people don’t notice until it’s too late. If you’re worried about these little intruders keeping you up all night, Pest Assured can help with all-round prevention.
  • Fleas: Anyone with a pet has come across fleas before. Flea infestations can be incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant for any household. Pest Assured have a number of effective ways to rid your home of them.

Many of the products that can be purchased in supermarkets that are designed for insect control are short-term solutions. All of the pesticides that Pest Assured use are designed to eradicate and prevent any future outbreaks. More importantly though, they all meet health and safety regulations and can be used in any home.

Contact Pest Assured today 0423 66 5678 to speak with one of our friendly insect control specialists to find out how we can help you treat your problem.