kill cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most unsightly insects to invade domestic and commercial sites. Their presence alone brings clients, customers and family members to cringe when sighting unwanted cockroaches. Depending on different circumstances if cockroaches have gradually increased to a point where they are everywhere or appeared rapidly then its best to professionally eliminate the issue before its uncontrollable. A large number of Pest Assured clients try to kill cockroaches without any luck. The time and money spent trying to control cockroaches with little or no experience will outweigh the small cost of calling an experienced technician.

Common situations cockroaches are invading

  • Small cockroaches (German/oriental) in apartments and units in Sydney are usually caused by indirectly transporting electrical components or other stored items into the building. A lack of inspection usually finds cockroaches living in fridge motors and dishwashers. Small cockroaches are problematic as their ability to get into every crack and crevice, making hiding sites harder to locate. With many Sydney apartments being very old, kitchens are usually full of openings for cockroaches to run in. The untrained person will always struggle when trying to kill cockroaches
  • Larger cockroaches (Australian/American/brown-banded) are most commonly found in sub-floor and roof void regions. Although they can also be found underneath cabinets usually near warm electrical components. American and Australian cockroaches will nest in timber pier houses where there are dark and humid conditions in both the roof void and subfloor regions. The larger species can be challenging to eliminate like most species are to kill cockroaches.

Finding locations to kill cockroaches

Completely eliminating cockroaches is a lot more complex than just spraying the adult bugs with an aerosol can. Spray cans have very little effect and will definitely not eradicate the congregation of roaches hiding in your building. Therefore effective long lasting residual products are necessary in colony elimination. Understanding the life cycle and habits of cockroaches will definitely give yourself a better chances to kill cockroaches. Furthermore save yourself the hassle by contacting a professional on controlling cockroaches first time around.

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kill cockroaches
Various cockroach species