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Pest Assured is a community orientated business with over ten years of experience. The local based pest management team protects Sydney properties from everyday pests. The protection of your home is the utmost importance to us. Along with the health and safety of all memebers who live in homes treated by pest assured. As a result the pest manager is responsible for the correct use and treatment procedures. Consequently most of all highly sensitive people will be concerned about certain active constituents that may have an effect on them. Therefore organic pest control methods are beneficial for the environment. As a result manufactured goods indirectly create a high carbon footprint.

Why choose Pest Assured?

  • Proven track record of exterminating pests
  • All members of Pest assured team are competent in their duties, licensed and insured by regulatory bodies.
  • Our products are safe for kids, pregnant women and pets
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Organic Pest Control methods:

In recent times, the use of more safe and toxic-free products (organic pest control materials) has increased. This is due to an increasing awareness for people’s health, safety and protection. One of the highest priorities when dealing with pests is the invasive areas to human food sources. Pests invade areas where there are edible fruits and vegetables (eg. Gardens), is that we are able to recommend the safest solutions for our customers.

Whether you have cockroaches, bird mice, termites, spiders, rodents and so on, Pest Assured are able to use organic pest control products to eliminate them from your home. In addition, Pest Assured provides various options with the client before any final decision is made. To lead the pest control service there needs to be the best course of action taken because of the nature of work. Every job will be explained to the client with the necessary information about the product that we are using. The problem with using only organic pest control methods is the lack of results achieved. Todays researchers and chemical developers are aiming to provide longer lasting residual effects rather than increasing the dosage of chemical in the product.

Examples  of organic pest controls products are:

  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Borax
  • Neem Oil
  • Pure Pyrthrum

Finally Pest Assured only follows strict label directions which are approved by the Australian Government for use in pest control practices.

To speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts about organic pest control please call Pest Assured on 0423 665 678.

organic pest control