Pest Control Companies

Pest control is a necessity in todays society, searching for pest control companies to call can be a hard decision. Here at pest assured, we make that decision much easier for you.

Pest Assured has successfully eradicated pest infestations throughout Sydney. Problematic bugs range from the simple household cockroach infestation to rodent infestations within commercial properties. The pest professionals are able to do this not only because all of the staff are knowledgeable in environmental safety and implementing successful pest control programs, but because we care. In addition if you seek Pest Assureds assistance you will receive a highly trained and organised technician. Well established pest control companies like Pest Assured offer highly customized plans based on your location, home and the specific pest problem. Furthermore our pest controllers use 100% environmentally friendly materials that work, and have innovative, cost effective pest control techniques for your property.

The Pest Assured Guarantee

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The next time you question the importance of pest control just read any one of these customer testimonials below:

“Amazing. When I first started looking for pest control companies I had no idea what I was looking for. Some of the mums from my local mums and bubs club told me of pest control companies that they had used. Consequently Pest Assured was constantly mentioned. I never go out of my way to write reviews but I was so impressed with the service that I felt the need to let people know. Polite, friendly and competitive pricing, definitely recommend.” – Linda Maloney.

“Amazing service and I highly recommend these guys. I had a problem with cockroaches in my newly rented unit, which got out of control. The service was fantastic, the man showed up on time, did what needed to be done. He explained how I could prevent further infestations from occurring. The prices were very reasonable, he threw in a few extras, funny character, and most importantly the pests are gone! Definitely give these lads a call when you’re not sure which pest control companies to call” – Richard Price, Operations Manager

Furthermore, we value the importance of pest control.  Contact Pest Assured today 0423 66 5678

pest control companies
cockroach infestation next to an electrical box