Pest control Darlinghurst

Pest Control Darlinghurst

At Pest Assured we understand that every business, no matter how big or small, needs to maintain a “zero tolerance” standard when it comes to pest control. That’s why Pest Assured operates on a regular basis within Darlinghurst. Managing a pub, café or restaurant is already hard work without having to worry about pests entering the premises. There’s no need to search for pest control Darlinghurst when the well established Pest Assured is growing in the inner city market.

Pest Assured is the first choice for Pest Control Darlinghurst. The suburb contains a high population density to the area. This automatically puts pressure on the amount of rubbish in the suburb. The popular cafe and restaurant scene on Liverpool street, Stanley street, Victoria street, Darlinghurst road and Crown street put’s pressure on the cleanliness of the streetscape. As a result attracting a huge number of cockroaches, rodents and crawling insects. Enormous sites such as Green park, National Art school and St Vincents hospital add to the continuing problems of pests and bugs in the area. This is due to the number of harbouring areas in which pests call home. Its also unfortunate that the high volume of people visiting and dining at Darlo bar, Gelato Messina and Bar Reggio indirectly create rubbish and lower the hygiene standard of the suburb.

Pubs, clubs and restaurants

Some of the most common infestations in pubs, cafes and restaurants are that of cockroaches, fermentation flies and rodents. These pests are attracted to locations where food is kept on premises. With the constant nightlife within Darlinghurst, pests have a wide variety of environments to inhabit. Pest Assured’s technicians have an extensive knowledge of Darlinghurst and its surrounding suburbs. Our staff possess the professional skills and knowledge to provide an urgent response. Pest Assured’s service ensures your establishment is free of pests for the health and safety of guests and staff. We don’t just provide the cure for your current infestation, but will ensure the appropriate steps are in place to prevent future pests (such as cockroaches and rodents) returning.

Health and Safety

All the chemicals used meet government regulations. Our staff have the experience to provide the best commercial pest control services. At Pest Assured, one of the most common misconceptions is that only establishments with poor hygienic standards attract these types of pests. This is not the case. Thus, we understand the sensitivity of a pest infestation in your pub, café or restaurant. We will provide the utmost discretion when handling your infestation.

Although you can take preventative measures to minimize infestations, once these pests have established a presence in your pub, café or restaurant, it can be very hard to rid yourself of the infestation. Due to Pest Assured regularly servicing numerous properties in Darlinghurst with success, you can rest assured that we will get the job done. So, when you’re looking to keep these pests off your menu, contact a technician at Pest Assured, Darlinghurst.

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