Pest control Elizabeth bay

Pest Control Elizabeth Bay

If you are looking for Pest Control in the Elizabeth Bay area, then Pest Assured is the right Pest Controller for you. Whether you need Pest Control in Elizabeth Bay to eliminate a cockroach problem or something more serious such as termites Pest Assured are here for you. Elizabeth Bay is an evolving area with lots of restaurants, bars and coffee shops such as the Bird & Bird Boathouse. Elizabeth Bay also has a number of famous attractions surrounding its location such as Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair and Elizabeth Bay House. These attract many tourists who can bring with them a number of unwanted pests (possibly from food scraps that they leave behind). This can result in your residential or commercial residence requiring pest control treatment.

Pest Control for Elizabeth Bay Restaurants

The stringent regulations for food and restaurants are comprehensive to say the least. Food and restaurant pest control forms a critical component of regulatory requirements. Here at Pest Assured, we take an analytic approach to pest control issues, identifying the root cause of the problem and ensuring a long term solution.

Call us now to arrange a free quote if you have a case of pest control in Elizabeth Bay. We offer out-of-hours service to all commercial clients – ensuring there will be no disturbance to the operation of your business.

Living in areas surrounded by restaurants and water

When living in areas surrounded by restaurants, cafes and water can also bring with it some unwanted pests. One of the most common pests we deal with in areas like Elizabeth Bay is that of cockroaches.

Cockroach control in restaurants involves treating what you can’t see as well as what you can. There are often many cockroaches that are invisible between walls and in roof voids, and subfloor.

Female cockroaches and can lay up to 40 eggs at a time and are often responsible for:

  • Contamination of foods, pantry, and other storage areas with faeces
  • Eating glue, adhesives and other matter
  • Potentially causing respiratory issues for those with asthma or bronchial ailments.

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