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Pest Assured leads the trade in Pest control Kensington. We have been providing pest control services to the eastern suburbs for over six years. We provide all residential and commercial pest control services, termite control, bird control and pre-construction physical barriers.

Why call a large company with in-experienced customer service? Are you tired of getting young clueless technicians coming to your residence and not solving your bug problems? Are you annoyed at over paying for a service that doesn’t work? Look no further than Sydney’s most respected, trusted and successful pest control team. We explain everything in lamen’s terms and treat you like a real person. Controlling pests in Kensington is one thing, providing exceptional service is everything.

The Pest Assured expectation

Call Pest assured for the right advice and knowledge on all of your pest management needs. Our friendly staff will provide with you free advice on how to minimise factors in reducing pest numbers. Pest Assured’s leading service does not only stop with delivering excellent knowledge and experience, but guarantees all works with more than one approach on eliminating infestations. The technical knowledge will stand out when you hear our qualified staff talk about specific chemicals, how they target the pest, and the current safety of using registered products. It’s no wonder people are switching to the best pest control provider in Kensington.

The Pest Assured team also aims to prevent pests entering and living in your house by providing non-chemical methods and measures to eliminate suitable environments for annoying insect intruders. If you’re not using the best pest controller in Kensington than you’re not getting the best service.

PEST ASSURED is your local pest control technician in Kensington, call now 0423 66 5678

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