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At Pest Assured we pride ourselves on our customer service and our knowledgeable staff. As a result, we can guarantee fast response times and effective solutions to your pest problem. Pest control Newtown, the standout pest problems is mice and rats. Due to the geographical nature of Newtown consisting of a large number of commercial buildings such as restaurants and cafes, mice and rats can become quite a menace. evidence of rodents living in and around your problem can be seen from droppings.

If you have signs of mice and rats infesting your residence than you need Pest Assured, specialists in pest control Newtown. Below is one of our most recent customer testimonials from a resident who lived next door to a busy restaurant in Newtown:

Recent client of Pest Assured

Vikki Dunn, resident of Newtown

“We recently had a problem with rodents entering our home and causing many problems for us. We first tried some DIY methods to try and get rid of these pests, but every time we found one dead rat another one would spring up in its place. I remember reading online that if you spot 1 rat at night, odds are, you have an infestation of over 100 rats somewhere nearby. Needless to say, as soon as I read this, I looked in to pest control in Newtown.”

“I contacted Pest Assured as I knew their business serviced the inner west, and needed someone fast. Conrad came out to the property and inspected every nook and cranny that he could access. He explained everything that he was going to be doing to eradicate my unit of these rats. Six months later and I haven’t seen rodents since. Conrad was very thorough and pleasant. I couldn’t recommend any other pest controller than Pest Assured”.

Pest Control Newtown appears to be a never ending story due to the amount of rubbish not stored correctly, indirectly moving furniture from homes and the lack of standard set in the suburb. Rodents are a major concern for locals because of the age of most building. The lack of maintenance and care for buildings creates perfect havens for mice and rats.

Preventative measures to stop rodents entering your premises.

  • board up any cracks or holes which may lead to an entry point in the house.
  • do not leave doors open for long periods of time, especially at night.
  • check gaps between skirting boards and floor surfaces are sealed.
  • try to minimise clutter as best as possible, especially in backyards.
  • monitor gnawing marks on furnishings and stored items outside.

If you, or anyone you know needs pest control Newtown for rodents (rats or mice), or any other pests call Pest Assured 0423 66 5678. Our prices are extremely competitive and we pride ourselves on our results.

Pest control Newtown
A rat stuck underneath a subfloor of a house in Newtown between a bearer and a joist.