Pest control Redfern

Pest Control Redfern

Over the past 5 years, Pest Assured have operated within, and around, Redfern on a regular basis. One of the most common pests that we treat within this location is that of bed bugs. The reason that this specific pest control is required within Redfern is because of the abundance of residential properties and hotels/motels.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, nocturnal parasites that feed on the blood of humans. Therefore, bedbugs prefer to reside in bedding and mattresses where there is a constant source of food. The critical issue with bed bugs is the speed at which they spread. Pest Assured provides the right information on bed bug control treatments whether it be for your residential home or business.

Bed bug control is often necessary because bedbug infestations can be quite disturbing. People can often wake up with bite marks all over your body, and then can often cause allergic skin reactions. If you are running a business, the last thing that you need is one of your patrons waking up with bed bug bites all over their body.

Once a bed bug infestation has made its way in to your home or business, bed bug control should be your number one priority.

Other Common Pest Control Concerns in Redfern

Due to the abundance of high rise residential properties and surrounding restaurants and shopping complexes, cockroaches and rats are some of the other common pest control concerns we are contacted about by residents within Redfern. Here are some of our top tips for helping to prevent cockroach and rodent infestations:

  • Take out rubbish daily
  • For those with pets, clean out food bowls after feeding time
  • Wipe down benches every night before bed
  • Keep food items sealed and stored away
  • Regularly check areas of possible infestations

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