Pest control South Sydney

Pest Control South Sydney

Pest Assured is your go-to technician if you require services for pest control in the South Sydney region. Our technicians have a strong understanding of the many number of Pests which surface in densely populated areas within Sydney.

The Pest Assured process

Pest Assured uses only the safest and most effective methods of dealing with pests and as a result, has a proven track record when eradicating any type of pest. Our pest controllers will take time to discuss your situation, and then take action appropriate to your circumstance.

With the constant increase to residential and commercial growth in South Sydney. This has resulted in an increase of cases requiring pest control in South Sydney. Pest Assured has pest controllers trained to handle both residential and commercial properties because of their experience and knowledge in the field.

With high demands of property, restaurants, and scenic places to visit the number of unwanted critters will also rise. Therefore, awareness of pest control in the South Sydney region needs to be maintained through chemical and non-chemical methods. Furthermore, all of our pest controllers are highly trained and will make sure the treatment applied will be safe, and appropriate to your particular pest problem.

Reasons to choose Pest Assured;

  • leaders in pest knowledge
  • thorough inspection of premises to identify causes of pest infestations
  • non-chemical methods explained and its importance
  • chemicals explained and how they effect insects
  • free over the phone advice
  • aware of all pest control problems within South Sydney

Surrounding buildings and architecture need to be monitored and methods to reduce pest inhabitants in cracks and crevices. Therefore, to maintain this high standard of pest control the correct understanding of species, surrounding environments, and man-made areas all influence numbers of annoying bugs.

Areas Serviced

Pest Assured has a large customer base in South Sydney which is continually expanding. Clients range from strata agents, restaurants, child-care centres, and residential customers. Consequently the wide range of clients in expanding areas is constantly growing due to the professionalism and success in eradicating a wide range of pests. Finally Pest Assured will gladly assist in all pest issues from Botany Bay south to, Rockdale, Hurstville and Kogarah local government areas.

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