Pest Control Ultimo

Pest Control Ultimo

At Pest Assured we pride ourselves on our customer service and our knowledgeable staff. As a result, we can guarantee fast response times and effective solutions to your pest problem. Pest control cases in Ultimo are on the rise, the standout pest problems are that of mice and rats. Due to the geographical nature of Ultimo (concrete jungle) consisting of a large number of commercial buildings such as restaurants, universities, TAFE and cafes, mice and rats can become quite a menace. Evidence of rodents living in and around you can be seen from droppings.

If you have signs of mice and rats infesting your residence than you need Pest Assured, specialists in pest control Ultimo.

Why the increase in cases?

As stated previously, pest control in Ultimo appears to be a never ending story due to the amount of rubbish not stored correctly, indirectly moving furniture from homes and the lack of standard set in the suburb. Rodents are a major concern for locals because of the age of most buildings (such as UTS). The lack of maintenance and care for buildings creates perfect havens for mice and rats. This is only heightened by the amount of rubbish left by students throughout the day.

Preventative measures to stop rodents entering your premises.

  • board up any cracks or holes which may lead to an entry point in the house.
  • do not leave doors open for long periods of time, especially at night.
  • check gaps between skirting boards and floor surfaces are sealed.
  • try to minimise clutter as best as possible, especially in backyards.
  • monitor gnawing marks on furnishings and stored items outside.
  • Our expertly skilled technicians are passionate about what they do, and bring with them a wealth of experience in identifying and eradicating pests. Plus, we’re honest, friendly and reliable: We are fully licensed and insured. When you call us you will get an immediate confirmation. We’ll take the time to discuss your issue, and ensure that our pest controller has all the chemicals and equipment ready when he attends.

If you, or anyone you know needs pest control in Ultimo for rodents (rats or mice), or any other pests call Pest Assured 0423 66 5678Our prices are extremely competitive and we pride ourselves on our results.