Pest Control Zetland


There are a number of cases of Pest Control within the Zetland area. Pest Assured knows Zetland well as its based in the surrounding suburb of Kingsford. The technicians have a strong understanding of the many number of Pests which surface in densely populated areas such as Zetland. Pest control Zetland is your first point of call.

One of the most common pests of any households, especially within large complexes/units that exist within Zetland, is cockroaches. Cockroach infestations can start in any number of places where it is dark and warm (behind fridges, electrical appliances and food storages). If left unchecked a cockroach infestation can progressively get worse and may become a serious risk to health and safety. The concern becomes greater when vulnerable persons like children and elderly are present. Pest Assured are the pest control Zetland experts.

Truth about cockroaches pest control Zetland

A common misconception about Cockroach infestations is that only dirty homes will experience these pests. This is not the case. Cockroaches and their eggs spread throughout the community through food, air vents and electrical appliances. Even the cleanest of homes can become infested with cockroaches. At Pest Assured, we will locate the root cause of your infestation, and then provide the most effective treatment to not only rid your household of these pesky pests, but help to effectively control any future infestations from occurring.

The Pest Assured process

Pest Assured uses only the safest and most effective methods of dealing with Cockroach infestations and as a result, has a proven track record when eradicating these pesky intruders. Therefore we’ll take the to discuss your specific problem and make sure that our response and action is tailored to your needs.

With the ongoing commercial growth of East Village and Meriton apartments located in Zetland, Pest Assured has also expanded the business to specialise in commercial pest control.

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