Pest Management

In most cases humans are not willing to share their homes or places of employment with insects. Competing bugs are trying to fight for survival by searching for shelter in human’s houses. People get disturbed, annoyed and distracted and run to find an aerosol can to kill them. Insects are by far the craftiest of animals to take advantage of people’s living spaces. Bugs impact can range from minimal to quite significant very quickly. Therefore the need to call a professional pest management company is important to eliminate your bugs concerns.

Not all insects are harmful. Bees, ladybugs, beetles and spiders are just some examples of useful insects that you want in your garden. These insects can do a range of helpful things like pollinate flowers, produce silk, beeswax and honey. Other useful insects help provide food sources for birds, mammals and small reptiles. In addition most pest management treatments will eliminate all crawling insects from your residence.

Insects can reproduce at a very fast rate. The reason for this is that most insects develop into a reproductive adult at a fast rate. Cockroaches for example can produce several egg casings (ootheca) a year. One ootheca can contain up to 50 eggs. This rapid reproduction along with their small size can create havoc very quickly in a kitchen. Therefore calling a pest management company is beneficial in the earlier stage rather than the delaying the treatment.

Pest management of insects is very important because of the genetic ability of most insects. The faster insects can reproduce the larger the genetic pool. The genetic variability gives insects the edge to survive in a number of environmental circumstances. A short life cycle and a fast growing cycle leads to survival in tougher conditions. Insects have one goal, which is to find a mating partner to reproduce with.

Primitive insects, such as cockroaches, experience very little change in becoming an adult. There are two main methods in which insects transmit disease. They are biological transmission (Indirect vector-borne transmission of disease) and passive transmission (feeding or walking on infected material). Finally pest management is valuable in containing the health to residents in their home.

Pest Assureds pest management process

  • Detailed inspections of area
  • Identification of pests
  • Knowledge of pests habits and lifecycle
  • Multiple chemical and non-chemical control measures

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