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The value of a termite inspection should never be underestimated. Termites are very unpredictable and their directional movements are unknown. The purpose of a timber pest inspection involves a non-invasive review of the building for timber eating pests. The termite inspection will cover all timber structures on the client’s property. The inspection site constitutes an area within the properties boundary and within thirty meters of the nominated building.

The pest technician will cover the internal areas of the building, external areas, roof void, and subfloor space (if subfloor area is available). Specific parts that are examined in the termite inspection are structural timbers, joinery/decorative timbers and ancillary structures. All Pest Assured inspectors especially scrutinise bearers, joists, timber flooring and bottom plates of timber frame walls. Outbuildings, garden timbers, and standing timbers are also viewed in the inspection. Limitations may apply to the report because of a room full of stored goods, no safe access to the roof space, or vegetation to close to a wall.

The termite inspection will also include a report detailing all areas covered, limitations, exclusions, obstructions, and conditions conductive to termite attack. Active termites are discussed in the report. In addition the pest managers duty to identify the species of termite found and to provide a management proposal. The pest inspector will also provide recommendations and point out previous management programs installed.

Crucial reasons why termite inspections are important

  • There are very few home insurers who offer policies for termite damage.
  • Termites are crafty creatures that travel through cavities and between walls, usually located in obstructed areas.
  • Consequently small percentage of homes have adequate termite management systems installed.
  • Subterranean termites build underground tunnels leading into homes across NSW, therefore it can be difficult to identify.
  • Over 85% of termite damage to homes in NSW goes unnoticed, therefore a trained eye is required to inspect buildings.
  • Paying a couple of hundred dollars is more feasible than thousands of dollars of damage to your property.

Indications your house contains termites

  • Timbers that have sound variations, usually a hollow sound.
  • Cracking or bowing timbers. Usually spotted in skirting boards and architraves.
  • Paint bubbling on timber finishers.
  • Most noteworthy are mud tunnels or tracks coming from the edges of the floor.

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termite inspection
Termites have attacked a bathroom in an inner-west house.