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There are hundreds of species of termites in Australia, of which twenty species cause damage to buildings. The main troublesome termites in Sydney are subterranean. Not all species have the same feeding patterns; some are more aggressive than others. Termites tunnel through the soil and create mud tubes in search for moisture usually located under houses. Termites attack houses because they are searching for food, the cellulose (sugary compound) that is found in timber. Termite protection is available in three ways: physical barriers, chemical barriers and baiting systems.

Termites will travel long distances underground because they are searching for the perfect conditions. A common misconception is that termites only attack timber house rather than concrete slab homes. Most noteworthy all houses are at risk of termite damage. Therefore risk of termite damage depends on your location around Australia. Sydneysider’s are at a high risk.

All new buildings and extensions constructed in NSW will need termite protection of some measure. Newer constructions should favour termite resistant materials although this is not always the case as style, price and preference usually take preference. Pest Assured has conducted a number of chemical barriers.

Termite Protection options

Chemical barriers involve drenching of the soil with a termiticide directly underneath the slab foundation or around piers/foundation walls. All chemical barriers provided by Pest Assured strictly follow Australian standard AS3660.1. Granny flat and extension type buildings are popular around the eastern suburbs, inner city and inner west regions of Sydney. Consequently Pest Assured has treated a number of chemical barriers in these regions for homeowner builders. Treatment certificates are presented on completion to satisfy council and private certifiers requirements.

Alternative termite protection methods like physical barriers are designed to deter concealed entry into buildings. Physical barriers can be in the form of plastic impregnated sheeting, granite stones or other types of ant capping. Physical barriers are placed underneath the internal timber framework of new constructions and weep holes of outer skin layers of brickworks.

In-ground baiting systems are another type of termite protection that Pest Assured offers. Pest Assured holds accreditation in numerous termite systems.

Finally there are numerous ways in treating active termites. Pest Assured will offer all the options available because of the serious nature in protecting your home. Therefore Pest Assured will explain how the various systems work.

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Termite protection
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Termite protection
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