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The installation of termite management systems is mandatory by the Building code of Australia for all new homes. There is no one size fits all termite treatment. Various termite treatments are now available on the market to prevent subterranean termites entering your home. The purpose of a termite management system is to minimise the risk of termites entering a house through a hidden path. Furthermore it is very important to understand that installing a termite management system will not stop termites eating through your home. The purpose of the system is especially relevant to make inspections of termites easily visible by a qualified pest manager.

New buildings

Selecting an appropriate termite barrier system should not be taken without proper consideration. While the cheapest system may not always be the most beneficial in shielding your residence. Particular termite treatments require varying amounts of maintenance and care. Therefore each house is judged on its own merits.

When the chosen termite management system is installed it is important to remember there is ongoing maintenance to the barrier. Therefore it is not as easy as paying for the installation and then not worrying about it. At the very least every termite management systems will require twelve-month inspections of your home. Owners and tenants need to take care in not breaching or indirectly creating bridges for termites in entering the building. If such occurrences happen then warranties may be void.

Existing buildings

If you own an existing home it is best to find out if your house has some sort of termite protection. Termite treatment paperwork is hard to locate if not originally kept by the owner. Generally there is a treatment notice placed in the electrical meter box. Where there is no termite management system installed, it is especially relevant you seek the advice from Pest Assured in the various options available in safeguarding your home.

Regular inspections

Irrespective of the termite system used to protect your house the significance of annual termite inspections is crucial. A large percentage of termite entry points are at the perimeter of the building. Most homeowners who have termite damage with a management system installed are indirectly breaching the barrier. Probably because the homeowners have forgotten the procedures necessary in protecting their home. An example of this is landscaping or garden beds sitting over or just under the weep hole of the side of the house.

Termite treatments can either be installed for preventive measures or managing active termite areas. The procedures for managing termites can be in the form of chemicals or baiting systems. Therefore the correct measures for installing termite management systems are outlined in the Australian standards, AS3660.1 (new building work) and AS3660.2 (existing buildings and structures)

Preventive termite management systems

Preventive termite treatments can come in either physical barriers or chemical barriers. Most homes in Australia built before 1970 do not meet Australian standards for physical barriers. Examples of physical barriers include ant capping (strip shielding), chemically impregnated sheets, granite aggregate and stainless steel mesh. Physical barriers installed in the construction phase. Each product has various advantages although in more recent times chemically impregnated membranes are the most popular selection. Reasons for this selection include the ease, safety and affordability of installation. Pest Assureds preference is to use FMC HomeGuard termite treatment. Pest Assured is fully accredited in the installation of the physical barrier.

Managing active termites

A number of methods are available in dealing with active termites. There are three stages to properly treat for active termites. The stages include colony treatment, termite management options, and maintenance inspections. The highly trained staff at Pest Assured will mention all the options available. As a result it is the Pest controller’s duty of care to go over the various options available and to help assist the homeowner in the correct level of control required. Destroying active termites may involve baiting, spraying with insecticides, dusting/foaming with termiticides, or other indirect methods. A Pest Assured team member will advise the client on the most effective elimination process. Finally the treatment will depend on the house location, surrounding environments and building structure.

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Termite treatment Chemical system
Cross-section diagram of a chemical barrier
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Varying physical barriers from HomeGuard.