Wasp Control

Nobody wants to be stung by a wasp or bee. Anyone who has been stung by a wasp knows that it is a painful experience. In some case, it can be life threatening. Therefore, it is extremely important that a wasp nest be properly contained and managed as soon as it is noticed. Pest Assured are the experts in wasp control. Furthermore, we always have a technician on hand to help you with your pest problem.

Three main types of wasps in Sydney are

  • European wasp
  • Mud wasp
  • Paper wasp

Signs of a Wasp Nest

Without a doubt, the key indicator of a nearby wasp infestation are wasp sightings. If you are noticing a high number of wasps in your home, business or garden there is a high probability that a nest is in the vicinity. Here are some other indicators that you may need to contact a technician trained in wasp control:

  • High wasp traffic within a particular location
  • Wasps visible on the outside of a nest
  • As a result of a nest in your loft or wall cavity, you may notice wet patches on the wall or ceiling of your home or business.

What you can do if you notice a wasp nest

When it comes to wasp control, it is crucial that you do not attempt to control or contain the nest yourself. Some wasp nests can contain up to a thousand wasps inside. Disturbing such a nest may cause the wasps to attack or sting you. As a result, contacting a pest management professional such as Pest Assured will be of utmost importance.

Contact Pest Assured for wasp control

In order to exterminate wasps effectively, a proper wasp control treatment plan will be required. Thankfully, Pest Assured are leading the industry with the most thorough and extensive treatments around. We are that confident in our methods and pricing, that we encourage all of our customers to obtain more than one quote. Finally we know that that our service and pricing will be beaten by none.

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Wasp control
European wasp, mud wasp and paper wasp